UK Formation FAQs

The United Kingdom offers a favorable tax climate within the European Community. It continues to be a good location for companies that need a European presence. It is an English speaking jurisdiction with economic stability and low tax rates.

There is an annual filing requirement for accounts and return. Although a Registered Agent is not required, a Registered Office is required by statute.


Cost of formation: $500 plus $550 Registered Office fee (or Statutory Compliance Service)

Statutory Compliance Service: $1000 annually; includes registered office, company secretary and filing of annual return.

VAT Registration, accounting services etc are also available.


UK Corporate Name:
The United Kingdom restricts the following names: Royal, Bank, Building Society, British, National, and Chamber of Commerce. International, Group, & Holding are allowed only when the name is justified by the facts. The allowed corporate indicator is Limited or Ltd.

UK Directors:
While a Director of the company can be a corporation or LLC, at least one individual (natural person) Director is required. The identification of the director is a matter of public record as are the names and addresses of shareholders. Directors can be non UK persons.

UK Stock:
There is no minimum share capital for private limited company, however it is traditional for a private United Kingdom company to be incorporated with an authorized share capital of 100, 1000 or 10,000 ordinary shares of 1 pound each, of which often as few as 2 are issued.

UK Registered Agent/Office:
It is a legal requirement that a private limited company maintain a registered office in England or Wales. Scottish companies must have the registered office in Scotland. IBCF will furnish the Registered Office upon request.

Annual Accounts:
On an annual basis, generally on the anniversary of the formation of the company but the year may be changed, an Annual Report must be filed detailing changes to the shareholders, Directors and capital. Accounts must also be filed but for small companies, this is merely an abridged balance sheet.

Due Diligence Requirements..

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